31 Days of Experiencing New Things


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I’m sure my happy news will more than compensate for my week-long absence. I’ve been on a technological learning journey that has stretched me beyond my wildest visions of myself. Have you experienced this? In the middle of learning something you believed was beyond you, something clicks, a switch flips, and you say, “Oh, I get it, I can do that.” If someone told me five years ago that in 2010 I’d be using basic html like a second language, customizing a CSS stylesheet successfully, and whipping up a website with an inviting unique design I would have absolutely worried for their mental health. Yaanno, something like, “Are you crazy!?” Yet, here I am assisting with all this and more for my fabulous coach and client Sharon Day with awesome team support from a talented and efficient AssistU VA, Debbie Lonergan, plus my knowledgeable and patient WordPress to Website trainer and coach, Aletha McManama. She’s gone waaaaay beyond her commitment to me as her student to get this website relocated and operational—Aletha totally ROCKS! Before Sharon unveils her new website and teleseminar series GetCloseGetReal, which will be an event you won’t want to miss, she’s playing a End of Summer Coaching Game this weekend for a smart serendipitous person to win a free coaching session with her! Not only that but read the bonus details to see how you and a friend could both win FREE coaching sessions with her! I’ve been coaching with Sharon for five years and she has never offered this opportunity in that time! What a fabulous chance to interact with a talented, deeply intuitive, remarkably wise and insightful coach to experience connecting more deeply with your loved ones. I’m so excited to be a part of Sharon sharing her unique gifts to a bigger audience! I’ve grown and stretched myself personally and professionally over the years with Sharon and dramatically transformed my life; reinventing myself authentically and passionately so that I am living my best life. To play The Game all you need to do is register here before midnight Monday night—on Tuesday you’ll see a video of the winners name(s) being drawn. How cool is that!?And then share the link with anyone you know who might be interested in what Sharon is up to; interested in how they can change the world; interested in connecting more deeply with their child, spouse, parent, friend. Know anyone like that…? Yup, I thought so! 😉 Let The Game...

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Hedy: Crossing the bridge

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Being seen

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Yesterday was Anastacia Brice’s birthday. I think of her every time I see a clock that reads 7:11 and I looked at the clock twice yesterday when it read 7:11am and pm and sent my love winging her way. When I started sending Anastacia birthday gifts five years ago she would report back to me how they made her cry because she felt so loved. Of course she self describes herself on her website that she ‘cries at the drop of a hat’ but it's more than that, it's because she loves deeply and authentically. The challenge became to make her cry for her birthday. Does this sound a bit twisted? I wondered and then realized that for someone to cry tears of joy because they feel utterly “gotten” was a special gift. And not all my gifts have been something I created; the first one was an unusual book that spoke to me when I picked it up and at the ’95 picnic I passed it around and asked everyone to sign it. Over the years I’ve given her one of each thing that I make/create. I was out of ideas. This year I opened myself to the Universe as to what to give her to keep those tears flowing and joy bursting. Synchronicity always comes into play and first I found a simple blank book that had a saying about joy on the cover. Ah, a beginning. Once I had a foundation I spied a clay pen I had experimented with making years ago, before I even knew Anastacia; it had been waiting for her all these years. When she shared her current photo (I haven’t seen her in person since last September!) I knew it had to be a part of the journal and celebrating herself. I came up with an idea and let it flow—creative juices puddling everywhere. 😉 Then I asked her what her word was—duh… love. And Jeff created these fun ‘changeble’ words on his scroll saw! Ya gotta love a guy who’ll roll with your request for the letters ‘e’, ‘ed’, and ‘ely’ and not have you committed. 😉 To me these were simple gifts but I see they can have a big impact. I’ve been considering what it means to create and give gifts from the heart to someone you love. It’s actually a gift to be the gift giver. It’s an expression of my love yes, but it’s also a manifestation of that love. This is a big deal. Without someone to create a gift for I wouldn’t have this opportunity. It doesn’t have to be an expensive fancy gift; it’s about the intention—the thought and care that goes into the giving. To quote the famous movie Avatar, it’s to say with soul-filled eyes, “I see you.” I see you Anastacia, happy birthday. Happy...

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