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My New Health Coach

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I participated in a Considerably Huge telesummit series of free coaching calls over the past three months. In April Debbie Schroeder and her partner, Lynn Smith, from Health Coach Team spoke about feeling your best to achieve your best and gave some great tips and information for weight loss, fitness, and self care.  Under stress I’ve realized I have been taking infinitesimal steps back into my old habits of eating emotionally, sitting instead of moving, sleeping but not feeling rested, making unhealthy food choices. You get the picture?  I’ve gained three pounds so far this year and I realize that may not sound like much but that’s exactly how we gain weight; so slowly that we don’t notice until it’s ten pounds or more! It’s a red flag that I’ve slipped in my support systems and need to put good habits back in place. Enter Debbie and Health Coach Team, we had a discovery call so we could connect and I could share my progress so far along with the challenges I’m currently facing. Debbie and I hit it off and I have signed up for three months of web-based coaching with one phone call per month. Health Coach Teams coaching agreement states: The coach’s role is to accelerate the client’s progress by providing greater focus, awareness of choice and accountability. Here are my goals for the summer; I’m saying them in print as a demonstration of my commitment to reaching the next level of fitness for myself: •    Lose the final ‘five’ pounds•    Participate in a Walk/Run (crawl) challenge locally•    Practice strength training that I will embrace/enjoy•    Trust myself to become strong and fit What do you do when a red flag is raised? What helps you get back on track with your fitness and...

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Me an employee?

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I’ve taken a part time J-O-B. Don’t panic it’s a positive move for me and it’s not replacing my being a business owner. I wanted to make a bigger commitment to give back and inspire others to lose weight. It’s a company I believe in. I am now a trained receptionist for Weight Watchers and if you are a member who visits the Six Gun or Heathbrook Plaza meeting locations in Ocala, FL on a Friday or Saturday morning, you may be lucky enough to have me greet you and weigh you in! 😉 I’ve enjoyed the face-to-face interaction and laugh often with members and co-workers. I set my terms for becoming an employee and gave an availability that would work for me without overpromising myself—which is a direct result of having high standards in my practice and knowing my value. Employee is a new hat I’ve donned on my journey and my intention is to connect with and motivate women to live their best lives now!  If you do stop by a meeting I’m working you might overhear me talking up the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge on June 6th. Come out and walk three miles with us—or find an event near you. Didya know Jennifer Hudson is our new spokesperson; doesn't she look FAB!?  Just...

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Journals, Chickens, and Zack

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Thanks for the loving support and ideas for what to do with my journals. I saved all of my childhood books, and those written for and about my daughter. Then I started with the tough years: the ones with pain and drama that I was definitely ready to let go of. I shredded and waited. Oh there was no regret! I immediately felt released from those bonds and ties of the past. I am complete with what happened in my past, the choices I made, who I used to be. It felt good so I kept shredding! I read a few entries here and there I picked and chose a good sampling of years to keep and filled one crate. I kept many of my smaller gratitude journals as they give a good quick look at what my day/life was like at the time. Huge task complete and it only took a couple hours! I’ve located a source for organic produce shipped in via a co-op from local farmers and have ordered a free roaming, antibiotic, and hormone-free chicken. They are slaughtered locally (in PA) not at a processing plant—may not be any more humane, what are your thoughts? I’ll let you know what it’s like to eat meat after this whole month; mostly I haven’t missed it. My daughter (who thinks I’m crazy by the way!) found me this excellent website to locate healthy humanely raised chickens: Just Bare Chicken. Packages of meat have a traceable code so you can track which farm your chicken came from. Unfortunately there are no local distributors for my area but I’m working on that! Their mission: To provide natural, healthy chicken like nature intended. Unadulterated. Unadorned. Just delicious. With a straightforward, honest commitment to respecting our people, animals and planet. Our nephew Zack is home with his family! He has a long road of recovery ahead of him and is not ready to see family and friends yet but we think of him and send Zack, his mom Sue, dad Sonny, and brothers JP and Matt all of our love and blessings. I hope you’ll send some love and healing thoughts/prayers Zack’s...

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Horace Fletcher, a "health food faddist" from the Victorian Era coined the phrase Fletcherism: The practice of eating in small amounts and only when hungry and of chewing one's food thoroughly.  Fletcher is remembered in the history books as an odd duck, but I’ve taken his practice to heart. Only eat when I’m hungry. Got it. Chew well. Makes me eat slower and enjoy the tastes of my food. Plus I’m able to recognize when I’m no longer hungry and stop eating. This sage advice coupled with nutritious food and an exercise I will practice equals weight loss. Isn’t it interesting how we take such a simple process and make it SO complicated!? I had to let go of my stories about being overweight, give up any drama attached to them and deal with ‘what is’—just the facts ma’am! I had been doing ABC to gain weight and when I do XYZ I will lose weight. I started to write ‘if’ I do XYZ or ‘I need to do’ XYZ—those words aren’t attached to the facts and results of actions—if and need are buried in my beliefs that it’s wrong and bad to be overweight—that I am not okay overweight. Those words and that perspective will not allow me to feel worthy or capable of manifesting my dream. But ‘when’ gave me a choice. A choice free from any meaning or significance I’d created around being overweight. ‘When’ I stop those self sabotaging actions and inactions and make NEW choices and actions transformation will happen. Is it hard work? Yes! Does it take dedication? Yes! Determination? Yes! Will it lead to success? Yes! Are you ready to loose weight? It’s not significant how much. When is right now! Here’s how I know you can do it—because I did it. It is possible. It is a simple formula. The foundation is absolutely, positively, no holds barred, an act of ultimate self care—loving you and taking the first steps towards transformation one well chewed bite at a time! Thanks Horace!...

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Hungry for Change

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I’d been waffling back and forth over watching the movie Food, Inc. Was I ready to watch it and take action, or skip it and keep eating unconsciously?  This was the rub—I wanted to eat responsibly and consciously but I believed it would be too difficult and take me out of my comfort zone. I rationalized that over the past two years I’d made great strides with my nutrition, healthy eating habits, and weight loss; did I really need to tackle another hurdle? My resistance told me yes, I did. My first steps in my past transformations began with awareness and so one month ago I watched the movie—I have not eaten meat since then.   Don’t get me wrong I love a juicy home grilled hamburger, or a rib eye steak still pink in the middle. And crisp bacon or melt in your mouth baby back ribs…Mmmm, Mmmm! I’m not giving up meat because I dislike it but because of what I’m supporting in buying it. What I saw in the film was that our humanity ceases to exist in the face of power and greed. Our inhumanity to the animals that sustain us and to the people that grow these animals, or work in the process, astounded me.   I get that it’s not me personally treating these animals or people inhumanely but if I buy the product then I am accountable for how that product is produced. These faceless conglomerations meet the demand that you and I create. I never before ‘got’ how empowered I am as a consumer. We, as shoppers, hold all the cards and every time we lay our money down at a fast food restaurant or grocery store for meat from these companies we support the current unhealthy system. It’s our choice.    The good news is that there are healthy options and choices. Choosing organic products and buying meat from local organic farms that raise their animals in a healthy environment are a few possibilities. It will take conscious effort; it may take me out of my comfort zone but I’m committed to doing my part to transform my life and the lives of the victims of this system—both animal and human.   If you’ve watched the 1999 film The Matrix there’s a scene where Morpheus offers Neo a blue pill: go back to life as he knew it; or a red pill: travel further down the rabbit hole. This movie is definitely a red pill—I hope to see you in...

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Yogurt and a blog class

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Today I am thankful that my lovely client and friend Honoré shared Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class that starts today! I'm also truly grateful for Fiber One peach yogurt! Yum-O and only 1 point!...

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