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Berries from Beatrice

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This sweet surprise was awaiting me when I returned home yesterday!   After only a slight hesitation I did indeeed share with my family!   The box was C-O-L-D which made it interesting and the side of the box reads "Perishable. Once opened, contents may disappear immediately." And the instructions are priceless: Bea you are the dearest friend and I treasure you and your thoughtfullness. Thank you! The strawberries are scrumptious—I will keep Sharis Berries at the top of my gift list. Dear reader, are there any sweet surprises in your life this holiday season?...

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Lunch Love

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Food and Drink, Love | 1 comment

My virtual assistant community AssistU recently asked this fun question in their monthly survey: what do you do for lunch time in your business There were interesting options like: too busy I skip it or eat at my desk, to go for a walk or other exercise. Since becoming my moms caretaker a year ago I’ve reestablished the importance of self care in my life, often it’s the first thing to go when life gets challenging and yet the most important thing to keep in place when life gets challenging. Before my mom and husband were home with me all day my lunchtimes were a mix of a yummy nutritious meal eaten away from my desk, often followed by a walk outside and then a good long read with a current novel. Those types of self care don’t really work for me in the middle of the day anymore. But I have learned a huge success secret to being a longtime caregiver: ask for help and accept it graciously. I shared in the lunchtime survey that I let my dear hubby know that one of the ways he could help me would be to make my lunch. I always make mom’s meal first and then mine and sometimes I don’t take the time to make the best choice for me because I’m over hungry or rushing to get back to my desk or get us out the door. Dear hubby that he is he has embraced this request even though he already cooks dinner for us most nights–he’s a much better cook than I am. He makes me a delicious salad each day and doesn’t even comment (much) on my eccentricities and preferences of pretty plate and particular fork. These small acts of love and support add up to a huge equation in my book: he’s there for me and I am incredibly grateful. A picture’s worth a thousand words so here’s the lunch Jeff made for me last week: Lunch Love  ...

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The Island Of Blame

Posted by on Jul 27, 2010 in Authenticity, Challenges, Connections, Food and Drink, Love | 2 comments

I’ve been stranded   on this desert island for weeks. Blaming everyone else for me being here. Actually one person in particular: my mom. I’m on this infinitesimal speck of rock floating in a sea of despair and it’s not my fault. The island of blame has no resources for the deluded—it only echoes back to me my cold lonely question, why me? The pity party is not actually a party at all; this is a reference made by those not in denial about those of us who are. The pity pit is more like it. A hole I continuously fall into, a slippery slope that I slide on to the island of blame. Deep sigh. My health coaches at HealthCoachTeam gave our group a worksheet called a belief transformation tool and I used it successfully to work through a belief I wanted to transform: comfort foods make me feel good. HA! I blew that one sky high. On our coaching call Debbie and Lynn stressed that the tool could be used with any belief. Okay how about: It’s mom’s fault that she’s ill and negative and unhappy. Ouch. Therefore it’s her fault that my life has been turned upside down and I am negative and unhappy. Double ouch. There it is in black and white: the island of blame. And I’m not a tourist here dear reader I’m a freakin’ resident! I wrote out the worksheet answers and reduced my rating for strength of belief from a 10+ to a 7-8. Progress was made. Then I turned to my journal and wrote for pages finding release and forgiveness in the simple act of putting pen to paper. I let go once again of the practice of being right instead of loving. I will embrace this lesson until it is a part of me. My sticking point was that I believed I didn’t know how to forgive…my wise self answered: let go; choose love—that is forgiveness. From this miraculous place of shift I came home to greet mom and share her morning and then settle at the computer to view a YouTube video (thanks Anastacia) that had been on my to-do list all week. I had resisted anything that might make me feel better. :::smile:::  (I’ll wait while you go take a peek—you’ll thank me for it afterwards.) This twenty-minute talk by Hedy Schleifer was the Universe talking to me. Me. Personally. From her mouth to my heart: Cross the bridge. Take responsibility for the sacred space of relationship. Listen. With an open heart. Listen as if you’re learning a new language. It takes courage to be connected. Hedy crossed the bridge of Alzheimer’s to join her mother in her mother’s world and was recognized by her mother as “my daughter” (in Yiddish). From the island of blame I could only attempt to connect with mom logically, it was safer there. I had to take the plunge into rough waters and swim with all my heart to know that safety is an illusion and give it up for being connected heart-to-heart by crossing the bridge.  Hedy shares this quote by Rumi~ Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. I will mom. I...

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The Stress Slide

Posted by on Jul 2, 2010 in Authenticity, Challenges, Connections, Conscious eating, Food and Drink, Moving your body, Self worth | 0 comments

I started gung ho with Health Coach Team this month: my goal to loose these final five pounds, increase my strength and muscle tone. First week I gained. Second week I lost what I gained. Third week I lost a half-pound. When I strained my hip I really felt down and I had to take a few days off from exercise to rest it. So there was no surprise in my fourth week I found what I’d lost! There is a powerful difference between these two mindsets of finding and losing instead of releasing—I’m ready to let it go forever! Here’s what happened: stress. During my weight loss journey my life was fairly smooth sailing even last year when Jeff was laid off I didn’t panic, I knew we’d be okay and saw it as an opportunity. When we moved mom into our home in November I had no idea what it was like to be a full time caregiver. OMG! I stress over everything, and when I’m not stressing I feel guilty—there are so many emotions at play in caring for an ailing parent. When I added the limitations and worry about my hip I hit overwhelm. Once the stress took over I slid out of my healthy habits and right back into eating emotionally and starting the vicious cycle of feeling overwhelmed, sad, tired, depressed and eating to feel better. But I didn’t feel better I felt worse….so I’d eat some more and feel lower than low. And then I stopped all my exercise routines because what’s the point I’m pitiful. You get the picture!  The key to stopping this cycle? Awareness. I saw what I was doing and knew what I needed to do. I simply had to decide using stress as an excuse was no longer serving me. Yes, it let me have a pity party but it didn’t solve my challenges, it only compounded them! As long as I am looking at my life from these perspectives: ‘I don’t deserve this’ ‘It’s not fair’ ‘Poor me,’ then that leads to unhealthy choices. When I shift into gratitude and how blessed my life is I am empowered to make choices that support my aliveness and give me the energy to face those challenges with possibility instead of negativity. This   week I have shifted and I feel happy about my choices, my productivity, and the balance I’ve created between work and play. I’m content in roles I’ve chosen as wife, mom, daughter, partner, caretaker and friend. My mantra: I release all stress in my life along with any excess weight on my body. Please share any practices you use to manage or avoid stress. I know I need all the help I can...

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For my birthday I asked my hubby for a computer free day. Daily he’s either writing a novel in Word,  playing an online game called Torn City, (or Mahjong) surfing the net for really unusual stories and trivia, but he does always share new I Can Has Cheezburger photos he comes across, he occasionally even does research for me but it’s lower on the priority list–and I’m the one who works virtually! Surprisingly he agreed without too much resistance–it was my day I could have a “yes dear” day. Defined as: I ask him to do something and his response every time is, “Yes Dear.” Brave ain’t he!? My work was caught up I knew I’d miss a few emails and reading FaceBook but I wasn’t jonesin’ to get my hands on the keyboard. It felt freeing to not have to check in or surf the net for a piece of information. It was truly a day off. It was constantly in my face how much we depend on the Internet for everything, if we wanted to look up a director or movie star, check out a new restaurant, look at my calendar, add a note to my to-do list; I caved in when we needed show times at the theatre. While I was getting ready I took pity gave him a free pass to play his game. What would we do without it? Imagine for a second how would you work, play, communicate for a day without the Internet? For a week? Didya panic at those words? We went out to breakfast, shopped at Target and were gone till 11am when we went home and had a junk food snackfest while we watched the Abyss. We were so carbed out after that we read for a while and then napped. It doesn’t sound like much but without the computers between us we were more connected and relaxed—we talked and laughed even more than usual and held hands during the movie. Don’t tell him I said that: he has an image to uphold. We weren’t distracted and only half listening to each other. We were present and it was a special gift. How do you and your family unplug? Or do you? When Brin visits we joke that she only comes to connect with the computer (she doesn’t have one) not really with us—we’re a byproduct of her techno fix. To tell her the computers were off for the day, ha she’d snort and go home. 😉 I want to propose that we agree on one day every week to unplug and connect with each other. Yup the entire day. Anyone up for the challenge? Or if you have this practice in place please share how it works for you and yours and what your experience has been of being unplugged. Till then happy...

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My New Health Coach

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I participated in a Considerably Huge telesummit series of free coaching calls over the past three months. In April Debbie Schroeder and her partner, Lynn Smith, from Health Coach Team spoke about feeling your best to achieve your best and gave some great tips and information for weight loss, fitness, and self care.  Under stress I’ve realized I have been taking infinitesimal steps back into my old habits of eating emotionally, sitting instead of moving, sleeping but not feeling rested, making unhealthy food choices. You get the picture?  I’ve gained three pounds so far this year and I realize that may not sound like much but that’s exactly how we gain weight; so slowly that we don’t notice until it’s ten pounds or more! It’s a red flag that I’ve slipped in my support systems and need to put good habits back in place. Enter Debbie and Health Coach Team, we had a discovery call so we could connect and I could share my progress so far along with the challenges I’m currently facing. Debbie and I hit it off and I have signed up for three months of web-based coaching with one phone call per month. Health Coach Teams coaching agreement states: The coach’s role is to accelerate the client’s progress by providing greater focus, awareness of choice and accountability. Here are my goals for the summer; I’m saying them in print as a demonstration of my commitment to reaching the next level of fitness for myself: •    Lose the final ‘five’ pounds•    Participate in a Walk/Run (crawl) challenge locally•    Practice strength training that I will embrace/enjoy•    Trust myself to become strong and fit What do you do when a red flag is raised? What helps you get back on track with your fitness and...

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