That’s one off my bucket list

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My non Facebook friends may not have seen these pix yet. Woohoo! I decided to go paragliding while in San Diego. This is in La Jolla, Blacks Beach. The photos truly speak for themselves....

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Every time I go to CrossFit I go with an open mind. I don’t read the board with our daily workout on it and say, “No way!” Actually if we say something is too hard OR too easy we have to do extra burpees—so I’m mum! I show up, I do my best and then something happens inside of me that makes me push beyond what I thought of as possible for my body. I’ve been considering what causes that push. Positive competition? Sure, I don’t always want to be last. But it’s more than that; I’m drawing on a physical and mental reserve that I wasn’t aware was available to me. How did I access it? I think it’s similar to what happens to me in times of crisis—i.e. when a loved one breaks a bone. I’m calm and do what needs to be done even though before that moment I could never have imagined me doing anything like that. Especially not calmly. When I think I’m at the end of my energy, strength, or rope (literally) Coach Lindsay will say, “Come on Laura you can do it, one more rep!” Or one of my boot-camp buddies will ask, “How many more?” and I’ll gasp out ten and they’ll count down with me. And I do ten more sit-ups faster than I was doing them! Recently I was struggling through my last 100meter jog and Dana, who was finished, came back out to jog in with me, “You can do it, I’ll come with you!” Or Brin and I will catch each other’s eye during a tough part of the workout and grin and give a thumbs-up. Knowing that we’re all doing it together and giving it our all is a huge motivator. Their belief in me boosts my belief in myself. Their belief in me inspires me to dig deeper, reach farther, and last longer. Their belief in me is a tremendous gift. Their belief in me makes me believe in me, too. Their belief in me is what fuels that push—and makes anything possible.I’ve experienced repeatedly that we are all connected—we’re all in this (life) together. And whether we unite for a common cause of fitness, play, or business when we support and believe in one another’s goals and dreams we inspire a push beyond what one person alone can generate or create. We co-create an opportunity for possibility! Isn’t that an ingenious design!? Happy co-creating with your clients, partners, co-workers, and exercise buddies. Here’s to possibility! And a big shout out to my CF boot-camp buddies—we ROCK...

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The Right to Bare Arms

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    I am always thrilled to receive an Amazon delivery box on my doorstep—especially one I didn’t order! 😉 Sharon you are always so wise and thoughtful and right on in your gift giving, thank you.  Sharon sent me Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy by JJ Virgin.  Here’s the JJ Virgin Arms Treaty and my intention for my not just reading but doing this book:      We hereby resolve to: Abolish forever this phrase from your vocabulary: Do my arms look fat? Stop the madness of wearing cashmere shrugs over sundresses when it’s 98 degrees outside. Drop the sneaky way you slink into the background of family pictures so your arms don’t look bigger than those of the guys in the photo. End all the excuses you have for not going to the beach because there is no Spandex for arms. Put to rest your resentment of famous actresses with toned arms. In other words, don’t be a toned-arm hater. Stop staring at your little three pound baby hand weights and wondering why a thousand biceps curls seem to do absolutely nothing. Be a part of a movement where women know they have the right to bare arms and bare them proudly in the sunlight and in the moonlight, thus allowing fresh air to touch skin that hasn’t been uncovered or felt a breeze in years. I’ve pulled my hand weights out from under the bed and dusted them off; set up the rowing machine where I will trip over it; and even taken my before arm photos to compare to the after pix I’ll take at the end of summer and dare to share.  Let’s go gals—we have the right to bare...

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