I’m in print!

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When you post something on any type of social media you never know who might read it or where it might end up. In April I shared this review on Hungry for Life and I was contacted in May by Jennifer an Assistant Senior Managing Editor at Artful Blogging asking if they might quote part of my post in their upcoming autumn issue. Heck yeah! I BIG shout out to Honoré for sending me a copy when she heard my bookstore didn't carry...

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One Note

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I’ve been using Microsoft One Note for the past year or so and limping along with organizing the information on the pages. I loved it I simply didn’t know what to DO with it. Recently I’ve actually taken the time to watch a few video tutorials for OneNote and have learned handy tips and tricks. I’m a One Note junky now! Picture a three ring binder. Now add tabs for your clients and your own biz plus personal areas of your life where you volunteer, your kids’ homeschooling information—the applications are endless. The tabs in ON are across the top of the page and every tab can have pages and sub pages just like adding pages to a three ring binder. I strive to be paperless in my biz and have weaned myself from taking paper notes. I use ON to take notes during client calls, I use ON in place of sticky notes as a reminder or quick add item to do list. Believe it or not there is no ‘save’ button, one you add something to a page it’s in there. You can switch between tabs and pages and never have to remember to save anything, even when you exit. I use Outlook so I am able to send tasks to OL from ON or I can send emails from OL to ON. Another feature I discovered is to ‘clip’ a portion of my screen and send the image to ON. I can then copy and paste the image anywhere, ta-da:    This may seem like such a small tool but it has HUGE applications and I am probably waaaay too excited to discover this feature but I’m kinda nerdy that way. Here are the tutorials I’ve found most useful: SchoolTube MS Office Are you an OneNote nut—I mean user? If so I hope you’ll share your favorite tip or tutorial with us. If you’re new to OneNote and decide to give it a go let us know what you think. Happy note...

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A book is born

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I’ve shouted this news out on Facebook and Twitter I blogged about it this Spring (here and here) when my submission was selected but I haven’t mentioned here that the book arrived. It’s here in my hands! What book you may wonder? The book my artwork was published in! Patti Digh’s Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives. My funky head in a bookcase is printed on page vii of the introduction to complement the topic ‘give up toxic people’. It’s a purple theme, which is serendipitous of course—purple being my favorite color. Patti had shared some of the content so artists could get a feel for the book but experiencing it all together was a WOW moment—it truly is a magical little book. It’s a quick read, simple and wise, four words are enough:  leave some things undone; buy experiences, not things; be happy in advance. Here’s the cool viral part: Patti posted a comment on Twitter saying "Yeah, I wrote a diet book too. Only four words: 'Eat less, move more.'" And so the idea for this book was birthed (in the middle of creating her new book Creative is a Verb) and she asked her blog readers if they would like to contribute a piece of artwork for the book and boy did they! The project was superbly  coordinated by her incredible editor Mary Norris at Globe Pequot Press. (Thanks Mary!) Both the idea and the artwork were inspired by Patti’s online presence and the relationships and connections she has made from blogging, Facebook posts, and Tweets. A book was born. Isn’t that powerful?  I hope you’ll check it out and ask your local (independent?) bookstore if they carry it (and if they will if they don’t) and even if they’d like Patti to visit for a book signing. I missed her at her Florida book signing for her first book Life is a Verb but via Tweets I was able to connect with her (I was new to Tweeting and shocked she replied) and arrange to get personalized signed books for Christmas gifts that year. There's that power of connection again. I’ll be back sharing Patti’s newest book when it arrives later this month Creative is a Verb: If You're Alive, You're Creative. Guess what’s in it? Yup, another piece of my artwork—so you’ll get to hear me gush again. I’m a big Digh...

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WordPress to Website

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Although I’m happy with TypePad for my personal blog I wanted to learn a new platform to offer clients professionally. I’ve been muddling my way through WordPress for Dummies and I am getting the hang of it slowly and am blogging with my co-bloggers on Our TriVista. My progress has been incremental and I’m not happy with the limits of templates and I want to know how to do so much more. I want more theme and design options, I want to delve into the behind the scenes world of CSS and PHP—gasp! Enter my lovely mastermind group who recommends the WordPress to Website workshop and I recalled yes this is offered by Aletha McManama I received her class info via Facebook. She is well known within the AssistU community and highly recommended. Unfortunately my budget simply didn’t have that kind of elasticity the workshop was starting that week. Within days I receive an updated invitation that the workshop was starting a week later and offering a discount that I simply couldn’t pass up. I signed up immediately! We had our first class session this week and both audio and video were recorded via GoToMeeting followed by the next day’s afternoon Q&A session. I find this format helpful as it gives me time to process and practice and then go back to the group with my questions. We’ve been introduced to helpful sites like iThemes and Groupsite and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate Aletha’s sense of humor and laid back teaching style. Already I feel undaunted by what CSS and PHP are and what they do and am excited about choosing and installing a theme once I decide on one—there are soooo many amazing themes to choose from! I’ll keep you posted on my progress and unveil my work of art (fingers crossed) in seven weeks! Here’s a piece of trivia you may not know: The name "WordPress" was originally coined by Christine Selleck in response to developer Matthew Mullenweg's desire to associate his new software project with printing presses. In this sense, press refers to the world of reporters, journalists, columnists, and photographers. An aptly chosen name, because WordPress serves as the printing press that enables its users to publish their words. It's a good name, don't you think...

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April is all about organizing

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So, first I clearned my living and working spaces and now I'm ready to organize them. I am naturally tidy and work as paperless as possible but I would like to be more organized at my desk and on the computer and particularly with my task lists. I've joined Stacy Brice's Organizing Salon and today we joined Kathryn Rose for an informative talk on Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don't seem as daunting after her inside advice and tips! Kat is offering a mastery level course for Facebook at Supreme Social Media. You can also join in 30 Days of Organizing and blog, post, or tweet about your experience!  Tomorrow the fab-u-lous Amy Thill will be chatting about It's Your Time: 8 Principles of Successful and Satisfying Time Management Solutions. Perfect for where I'm at!  I'd love to hear if you feel you're already organized. If so, what you've done to get there, and if not, where you feel you need to...

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Yogurt and a blog class

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Today I am thankful that my lovely client and friend Honoré shared Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class that starts today! I'm also truly grateful for Fiber One peach yogurt! Yum-O and only 1 point!...

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