I’m in print!

Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Books, Celebration, Connections, Inspiration, Web/Tech, Weblogs, Wholehearted, Writing | 2 comments

When you post something on any type of social media you never know who might read it or where it might end up. In April I shared this review on Hungry for Life and I was contacted in May by Jennifer an Assistant Senior Managing Editor at Artful Blogging asking if they might quote part of my post in their upcoming autumn issue. Heck yeah! I BIG shout out to Honoré for sending me a copy when she heard my bookstore didn't carry...

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now that’s something to moo about

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Fifty free business cards from moo.com which took five minutes to order! Moo pulls pix (you can even have a different image on each card) and content from your Facebook account all i did was approve the final. The cards arrived in less than a week with free shipping. They are printed in matte, which I prefer, on lovely smooth heavy slightly larger than standard biz card size card stock. Plus they use products from sustainable forests. Quite simply, they rock. Companys that give away a free sample of their product because they know it's all THAT are rare. See if you think they're something to MOO about for you. 😉  ...

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Dean Kamen rocks!

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Connections, Inspiration, Learning, Making a difference, Science, Web/Tech | 1 comment

Prior to attending Learning2011 I had not heard of Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and other amazing and life impacting robotic inventions. He was such a down to earth humorous guy I was hooked before I even heard about what he's done with kids, science, and technology! He founded USFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) twenty years ago "To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders." I think you'll be wowed by Dean's story and inspired to pursue your dreams with a renewed enthusiasm!  ...

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Learning 2011 Transactive memory

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I found this topic of transactive memory absolutely fascinating! These are two short videos from Learning 2011 of Betsy Sparrow, Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University. Betsy is the co-author of “Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips,” which appeared in Science magazine in July 2011. Here are the highlights for me: If people believe information is accessible they don’t bother to remember itThe Internet allows us to access the memories of other peopleTransactive memory allows us to devote more cognitive resources to...

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Mini tech worth shouting about

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My one complaint about my lovely purple Vaio is the volume is too low even at max. I use my earbuds from my iPod when I want to listen, but sometimes I want to share a video or sound byte. I stumbled upon a mini speaker at my local Staples made by Omnitech it was on sale for six bucks so I decided it was a safe bet. And here's the clincher—it's PURPLE! The Omnitech Mini Pod Speaker or hamburger speaker actually pops open and has acorrdian sides to give it more bass. The sound is incredible! Six bucks—how do they do that? It also has a USB cord to recharge the little sucker—no kidding! I went back to Staples to get more for stocking stuffers but they were sold out. Works great with my iPod, too. Omnitech gets a big thumbs up for their little...

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Stellar service

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I must admit I have zero tolerance for less than stellar customer service.  If the bag person at the grocery store is not bagging my items with care I will step in and assist. However if the cashier is grumpy I don’t take it personally, I really get ‘if you walk a mile in her shoes’, and I send her some extra love and do my best to spread my inner joy outwardly and give her a big smile or kind word. Gandhi’s wise words reverberate in my head in these instances: “Be the change you want to see.” When service people are uncaring or rude I am judgmental. Perhaps it’s my long employment as a public business manager that provokes me—I expect to be taken care of in a particular way. I had provided and made sure my staff provided eccellent customer service. Why would a company that I am supporting with my business hire a person who is uncaring, lazy, or rude? Unfortunately because I have this issue and am aware of it the Universe sees fit to send me many opportunities to grow beyond it. So when a customer service person goes above and beyond I simply have to share! I opened an account with MailStreet so my Outlook email, calendar, and folders would all synch between my desktop and my laptop. The first step was easy and I was excited. One quick phone call and then I followed the directions to move my email from its current host 1&1 Internet to MailStreet which is now a division of Apptix. When I called 1&1 with my request I was connected with a representative that spoke halting English and I had tremendous difficulty understanding him. He also gave me the incorrect information assuring me I only needed to change one thing on my account and did not need to host it with MailStreet. (Sigh) I made that change and emailed MailStreet to see what my next step was. MailStreet informed me I did need to make the hosting change and advised me to call 1&1 back. I did. My next representative spoke better English and was polite but explained only one change could be made to the account at a time. It would take 24-48 hours to update. (Double sigh) I moved on to the rest of the MailStreet setup instructions which eluded me (I’m only so techy) which added to my frustration and finally gave up. I emailed MailStreet to give them an update and explained I was frustrated and had turned everything off. Sometimes ya gotta know when to walk away. About an hour later I got a call from customer service at Apptix, she introduced herself as Lilly and said she’d received my email and was calling to see how I was doing. Would it help if she walked me through the process? OMG, yes! How refreshing. Lilly was patient and engaging and we made it through set up successfully. Finally I only had to wait for 1&1 to update the unneeded change so I could make the correct change. Lilly walked me through that portion since I’d be doing it on my own. I expressed my gratitude and she sounded sweet and young and said it was no problem.  Twenty-four hours later 1&1 still had not updated my account. I received an email from Lilly saying she would be off for a day but that my account was ready and waiting for the final step and she would check on it as soon as she returned to work. The next day when my...

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