30 days friendship I’m participating in another delightful blogging topic from
Stacy Brice: June is 30 Days of Deepening Friendships. This coordinates
perfectly with my theme of ‘celebration’ for the month of June and my 46th birthday
on the 25th. (read more about that here)

I kicked off connecting with friends by visiting a childhood
friend in Vero Beach that it seems I only see once a decade! Kat’s been in her new
home on five acres for ten years and I’d never seen her place. She was married
for the first time in March so I also got to meet James along with her menagerie
of farm animals from horses to Java chickens to boars! We went horseback riding
for a couple hours on trails in her area—Albi her sixteen hand Thoroughbred mix
gelding was the best and was very gentle with me. It’s been years since I rode
and my muscles rebelled instantly, but we had a great time!

I found getting away even for a quick overnight trip
renewing and energizing and
Kat & Loki Laura & Albi being able to add an activity like horseback riding
to my exercise routine was a special opportunity. Time to sit on the porch and
reminisce about the good ole days and catch up on our lives over the past
thirty years was fulfilling and there’s something about the connection of
someone who knew you as a kid that just makes ya grin! Thanks Kat!

I can't wait to see what other connections are renewed or forged this month! Here's to each of YOU my friends who have given me the opportunity to love and support you in so many beautiful ways. Big vugs!