I've been wishing…on the inside. I'm committed to participating in 31 Days of Wishes  and am giving up my reasons and excuses about lack of time or energy to share. Posting my daily wish in December is part of my commitment to excellent self care the same as journaling daily which I've also put back into practice starting Dec. 1st.

Dec 1st ~ I wish for health for myself, my family, and loved ones. Even those few people I encounter whom I dislike, I wish them health as well. Without the foundation of physical and mental health our lives lose their workability and become smaller. Take care of yourself and live big!

Dec 2nd ~ I wish that the ideal words are available to express myself in conversation and in writing. Words are empowering and inspiring when used authentically. I'm reminded of mom's who tell their toddlers,"Use your words." Are you using your words from your heart?

Dec 3rd ~ I wish for the dedication and perseverance my hubby has lived for the past month writing a story for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I stalled out at 6,000 words, yes it's 5,999 than I had before! Jeff wrote just over 30,000 words in thirty days! And this is a man who literally types with two fingers and has never written a story before. ;-) 

DSC02904 Dec 4th ~ I wish to give and receive gifts from the heart—gifts that make you smile from the inside out. 😉 I took my mom to the Humane Society thrift shop to treasure hunt and although she has little financial wealth she has an abundance of love and gratitude. She bought me this Christmas teddy bear. Thanks mom—I Cherish him and you!