I’ve shouted this news out on Facebook and Twitter I blogged about it this Spring (here and here) when my submission was selected but I haven’t mentioned here that the book arrived. It’s here in my hands! What book you may wonder? The book my artwork was published in! Patti Digh’s Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives.

DSC03273 My funky head in a bookcase is printed on page vii of the introduction to complement the topic ‘give up toxic people’. It’s a purple theme, which is serendipitous of course—purple being my favorite color. Patti had shared some of the content so artists could get a feel for the book but experiencing it all together was a WOW moment—it truly is a magical little book. It’s a quick read, simple and wise, four words are enough:  leave some things undone; buy experiences, not things; be happy in advance.

Here’s the cool viral part: Patti posted a comment on Twitter saying "Yeah, I wrote a diet book too. Only four words: 'Eat less, move more.'" And so the idea for this book was birthed (in the middle of creating her new book Creative is a Verb) and she asked her blog readers if they would like to contribute a piece of artwork for the book and boy did they! The project was superbly  Myart4word coordinated by her incredible editor Mary Norris at Globe Pequot Press. (Thanks Mary!) Both the idea and the artwork were inspired by Patti’s online presence and the relationships and connections she has made from blogging, Facebook posts, and Tweets. A book was born. Isn’t that powerful? 

I hope you’ll check it out and ask your local (independent?) bookstore if they carry it (and if they will if they don’t) and even if they’d like Patti to visit for a book signing. I missed her at her Florida book signing for her first book Life is a Verb but via Tweets I was able to connect with her (I was new to Tweeting and shocked she replied) and arrange to get personalized signed books for Christmas gifts that year. There's that power of connection again.

I’ll be back sharing Patti’s newest book when it arrives later this month Creative is a Verb: If You're Alive, You're Creative. Guess what’s in it? Yup, another piece of my artwork—so you’ll get to hear me gush again. I’m a big Digh fan.