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A look into Lauraland:

I’m married to my best friend. Our daughter is the greatest gift of my life. I live to write. I am sustained by writers’ words. I believe happiness is a choice. I love my life. I believe we co-create our realities with the Universe. I am a chocoholic. I adore massages. I am addicted to stories; written, acted, spoken, or filmed. My purpose is to love and be loved. Gracie, the kitten, with a broken leg, adopted us eight years ago. Tilloo Cay, Abaco is my favorite place on earth. I am a beautiful friend. Laughter is magical. I believe in life lessons. I sing out loud and off-key while I dance around my house. I collect teddy bears. My first Teddy is 57 just like me. I want to visit New Zealand. My mom died of dementia. The ocean speaks to my soul. I have super sensitive hearing and smell. I celebrate being tall. I name my freckles. Visualizations transport me. I am grateful.

In 2005, I was searching for the next chapter in work that I loved and was passionate about. I had owned several companies and managed my husband’s company and knew I would never be an employee again. I wanted a mobile business so my husband and I were free to travel.

Serendipity connected me to AssistU where I learned about Virtual Assistance, which I had never heard of! I trained to become a certified Virtual Assistant and opened my own business, Works of Wonder Virtual Assistance, fifteen years ago. I never imagined I would become quite so tech savvy and bloom with these newfound skills! As long as I have an Internet connection, I am able to work from any location. I love what I do and whom I do it with!

Our dream of learning to sail and adopting the live-aboard lifestyle has been a process of examining our lives and identifying priorities. We became debt-free; we downsized our living space; we’ve taken sailing lessons; we’ve connected with others living the dream; we learned by trial and error; we scoured the Internet and  found our ‘boat’ for ‘sail’. Next step: plunging into refitting her!

I’d love to share the possibility of Virtual Assistance with others seeking to find the freedom and mobility being a VA creates. And if you’re already living the dream—let’s talk!



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