I’ve been Honoré’s Virtual Assistant for just over three
years. I met her through my past ideal client Antonette Artiz—thank you AA
for introducing us and seeing the fit!

Our partnership has been a dynamic, open, collaborative, fun-filled,
continuous learning journey! Our partnership has been all about relationship.
Relationship is what a VA client partnership is built on. Relationship is what
makes working together exciting and challenging. Relationship is the mold that
visions are made from. Relationship is the essential ingredient for success—however
you define it!

Ancora imparo Honoré retired last week. And although our relationship as
client and VA has come to its conclusion a whole new door of opportunity has
opened—a new relationship based on a journey of friendship, creative collaboration,
inspiration, and learning. Always learning. Here’s to Honoré and her personal
quote from Michelangelo, “Ancora Imparo” or “I am still learning.” Honoré, what a
priceless gift you’ve given to me and so many others! Thank you.

I am immensely honored and grateful to have worked with ideal
clients like Honoré and Antonette—I’m touched deeply by their words of
gratitude and appreciation: Honoré's post Vugs! and Antonette's post Sharing Good News. These relationships are why I do what I do and love it so much!