So, first I clearned my living and working spaces and now I'm ready to organize them. I am naturally tidy and work as paperless as possible but I would like to be more organized at my desk and on the computer and particularly with my task lists.

I've joined Stacy Brice's Organizing Salon and today we joined Kathryn Rose for an informative talk on Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don't seem as daunting after her inside advice and tips! Kat is offering a mastery level course for Facebook at Supreme Social Media.

30 days O You can also join in 30 Days of Organizing and blog, post, or tweet about your experience! 

Tomorrow the fab-u-lous Amy Thill will be chatting about It's Your Time: 8 Principles of Successful and Satisfying Time Management Solutions. Perfect for where I'm at! 

I'd love to hear if you feel you're already organized. If so, what you've done to get there, and if not, where you feel you need to improve.