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About Laura Allen

I’m married to my best friend. Our daughter is the greatest gift of my life. I live to write. I am sustained by writers’ words. I believe happiness is a choice. I love my life. I believe we co-create our realities with the Universe. I am a chocoholic. I adore massages. I am addicted to stories; written, acted, spoken, or filmed. My purpose is to love and be loved. Gracie, the kitten, with a broken leg, adopted us two years ago. Tilloo Cay, Abaco is my favorite place on earth. I am a beautiful friend. Laughter is magical. I believe in life lessons. I sing out loud and off-key while I dance around my house. I collect teddy bears. My first Teddy is 51 just like me. I want to visit New Zealand. My mom died of dementia. The ocean speaks to my soul. I have super sensitive hearing and smell. I celebrate being tall. I name my freckles. Visualizations transport me. I am grateful.