by David Erickson

Before I became a VA I didn’t travel very far from home. I get antsy on long road trips and I’ve flown a fair amount (I grew up on an island!) but never embraced being up in the sky.  When I first began my practice I didn’t plan to travel for my clients and since I worked virtually—there was no need. Six years later I’m happy to say that coordinating, traveling to, and executing live events for my clients brings me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Last year I juggled my personal and professional commitments and let my clients know that as my mom’s caretaker I wasn’t as flexible to travel. They missed me but were completely supportive. I did travel to AssistU’s Community Recognition Awards (CRA) last September and left my family in charge of mom, but it didn’t go smoothly for them and as much as I needed to get away I wasn’t able to relax and enjoy myself. That was my last trip away from home while mom was with us.

Without mom I now have a bittersweet freedom and I have availed myself to take WOWVA on the road several times this year. In March my hubby and I had a grand road trip driving my client’s car from Atlanta to Boston and culminating in a visit to our friend’s in Maine and a flight home to Florida. In May I visited my Aunt and cousins in Toronto along with a new and dear VA friend, Beatrice and her husband. June arrived so quickly and I flew to Maryland for an in person client event along with three days of client meet-ups to strategize for 2011. I was able to mix business with pleasure on this trip and see my awesome fellow Maryland AssistU friends who have loved and supported me over the past six years.
The finale for 2011 is ideal: AssistU’s CRA in….San Diego! I’ll spend a weekend in America’s Finest City with fellow VAs gathering for meals, a bus tour of the city, and the awards luncheon will be held at Il Fornaio on Coronado Island.  I’ll be meeting some beautiful faces for the first time even though we’ve known each other for several years. This amazing weekend will be followed by several days playing tourist with my childhood friend who is so excited to show me her hometown!  My travels have allowed me to deepen my relationships and connections with clients, friends, and family and I am immensely grateful to have a business that’s mobile plus access to the technology to work from practically any location.

I must mention that I have come to treasure those miraculous moments in the clouds while on route to my next destination. On a clear day the perspective from up in the air is grounding—the little problems don’t seem so big and the small details become magnified in importance. Where have you traveled to this year dear reader, any adventures to share?  If you’re a homebody like I am I encourage you to spread your wings and see where they take you. Here’s to soaring!