Beautiful The subtitle of this DVD documentary is ‘a simple cure for cancer’. Intriguing. May be worth a gander. Fifteen year old Garrett a homeschooler from Alaska read a book about a doctor who had been curing cancer patients early as eighty years ago; Dr. Max Gerson. He decided to investigate the claims in the book and interview the author’s daughter, the proponents of the Gerson Therapy, and cancer survivors who had received these treatments and lived to tell their stories. This inspiring eye-opening documentary is the result of his homeschool project exploring the link between diet and the cure for cancer.

The foundation of the Gerson Therapy resonated with me and I’ve already been inching my way towards eating only organic foods and non-processed foods. It takes concerted effort and consciousness to eat this way in our modern world; it’s so much easier and cheaper to eat unhealthily. The hurdles for me are no salt, no animal fat, and the coffee portion hmmmmm well you’ll have to watch the movie and decide for yourself. Here’s to your discovering The Beautiful Truth.