Yesterday was all about productivity; I zipped out client
tasks and ticked off one item after another on my action list. In the late
afternoon mom and I worked on a project and after repeatedly attempting to
communicate, followed by a bathroom episode, I felt like a wrung out towel.

By evening all I wanted was our snuggy couch and a book or
movie to wind down with. My commitment to my self care is what got me on the
treadmill when it was the last thing I wanted to do. That and Jeff set it up for
me and kept me accountable. 😉 I read a new novel while I walked, I felt more
energized and forty-five minutes passed in a flash. Exercising when I don’t want to is a huge feat for me and
I felt accomplished and true to my word to myself.

My highest level of self care is my health: maintaining my
weight and fitness level. And when that little voice in my head starts in with,
“Awwww I don’t need to exercise—the extra pounds are gone.” I tell it loudly, “Yes I do!”
Exercise is a de-stressor for me, releases feel good endorphins, and keeps
burning calories even after my workout. My mood lifts, I feel rejuvenated, plus
I experience a mental clarity that sharpens my focus.

Once I’m moving it’s all good! Making that decision to move
is the challenge. Not Face physically but emotionally. This type of self-support goes
against my role of being the caretaker of everyone else. My day was a testament
to me fulfilling other’s needs and then wanting to bail on my own. So it’s more
than just telling myself I can do it
or to just do it, but that I’m worth it and it’s okay to be all about me and my wellbeing. Picture
this: me doing the silky hair toss, and saying in a low sultry voice, “Because
I’m worth it.” (Made ya smile!)

So, what are you worth?