Becoming a mom on January 21, 1986 completed me. I am blessed and honored to be Brin's mom. I wanted to share her lovely face, which is home to a beautiful soul, on this day to express my love and appreciation to Brin for the experience of being her mom. I am grateful for it all: the challenges, the celebrations, the life lessons—the love.   

This is also my Photoshop artwork submission for Patti Digh's new book Creative is a Verb!


If you're interested you can contribute your motherly (or fatherly, or unparently) wisdom for Patti to share with her daughter Emma for graduation.

If you're a mom—happy day. If you can hug or call your mom—you're extra blessed. If she's no longer here—love her long distance, she'll know. If life circumstance separated you—I hope you're able to thank her for your life and consider forgiveness.

And blessings to the Mother of us all—Earth.