I’ve been extremely aware of self care and balance in my
work and personal life since I started my practice four years ago. One of the
first gifts I gave myself was a monthly massage which I soon upped to bi-monthly
because I enjoyed it so much and felt the benefits to my well being. When my DH
lost his job in December 2008 my massages were the first thing I gave up to
help reduce our expenses. I miss you Maria—I'll be back!

I’ve gotten by this year because my back does not ache like
it did since I released those fifty extra pounds over a year ago, plus I’ve
been using an ergonomic office chair for more than a year which has
dramatically reduced my back pain and helped my posture. Yet, I still adore
having a massage even when it hurts so good!

Massage Last night I asked Jeff for a whole body massage with warm
oils and the mattress heating pad on the bed, ohhhhhh it was blissful. Soothing
loving hands are a divine gift—I love how you love me Jeff. This is a new
awareness and action for me: identifying something that’s missing in my life or
that I want and asking for someone else to help me get it. I am all-in for extreme
self care and lovingly caring for myself.

What’s your body bliss?