Dec 14: Wishin' for more days like…Bahama Breeze: 4 Hours, 3 Friends, 2 Drinks, 1 Meal = infinite possibilities, endless gratitude, immeasurable laughs! Yuca fries= YUM! Who knew? Thanks Larissa! Thank you Cathy

Dec 15: Wishin' for gifts that bring out the best in me, from someone who knows my authentic self! Thanks Sharon!

Dec 16: I wish for making time to PLAY—no rules only bliss! Hulahoop

Dec 17: I wish for more movies like Invictus that inspire me to live big, bigger, biggest! Plus the ideal friends to watch them with. Thx L & L I love our Chickie time! 

Dec 18: I wish for friends who are there when I give up—who never give up on me!

Dec 19: I wish to add to my treasured memories of Christmases past: the laughter, sharing, giving, cooking, and celebrating each other. Christmas is love in action.