I clearned my way through the weekend! I realized in my past efforts at clearing clutter, organizing, and reducing stuff I didn't experience anything valuable. I got rid of stuff but more always found its way back!

With clearning I get that the excess stuff and unorganization is a symptom of something deeper.  I recognize that for me feelings of not having enough or being enough led to always buying more than I needed. Attempting to fill the hole in my soul. Clearning has helped me to see my patterns and dig deeper into the roots of their existence and let them go. I know now that I am enough and when it comes to stuff: less is more.



AFTER: Where did it all GO!?


A slide out shelf for paper and cardstock.


A decorative container doubles as storage for printer goodies!


What will I clearn next!?

Our entertainment center doubles as office supply storage and it dawned on me stuff did not have to fit in only one cupboard—so computer discs and paraphernalia are in one drawer separate from paper, envelopes, labels and business card-stock.  I sorted the rest by these criteria: keep, give away, or throw away.

I will also implement a system to track what I have so I don't buy more supplies like envelopes because I forgot I had them or couldn't locate them. I'm clearning for life! What have you clearned lately!?