On Monday I got a UPS package. Jeff and I play a game to see who can make our delivery guy smile or interact— I have never won this game, which makes Jeff laugh. The UPS man is immune to my finely honed people skills. My first wish: that Mr. UPS has someone in his life to smile for.

The package was from Amazon, my favorite! Inside were colored pencils—a gift from my lovely client, coach, and friend; the note read….and may your 2010 be colored in fun! Hmmmmmm. Interesting. I supposed I could dig out a blank notebook to color in; I don't think of myself as an Artist but maybe I could get SARK's Playbook and Journal. Hmmmmmm.

On Tuesday our man in brown was back in action and moved with such velocity I didn't even get to dazzle him with a smile or wish him a Happy Holiday before he was a blur in our driveway. Another Amazon box; oh goody!

I laughed out loud as I opened part two of the colored pencil gift: Susanne Fincher's Coloring Mandalas: For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression. Now the colored pencils made perfect sense. I pulled them out and immediately curled up on my couch and colored my first Mandala.

The experience was pure bliss: undiluted creative juices flowed, I was totally DSC02905 present, I colored with childlike innocence—no rules or judgments, I was empowered by the joy and freedom of playing. ALL this with paper and colored pencils! My second wish: (I can have two, it's almost Christmas!) I wish you the joy of coloring.

Bliss and color to you Sharon—for always touching my life in unexpected and inspiring ways. Happy, happy Christmas!