I wish for continued connections between me and long distance friends. I'm meeting the lovely Larissa Parks for lunch today. She and her family are visiting Orlando this week from Maryland. I first met Larissa before she had even started the VTP she came to a little get together at Antonette's house where several AssistU VA's were staying for our first Community Recognition Awards. She came and ate with total strangers and fit into the crazy household as though she were part of our extended family. Read more about this successful and passionate woman's VA biz here and her newest adventure here!

Jan 2nd update: Cathy Lamothe (Jacksonville), Larissa (MD), and me!



Last week I had tea with Sheri Brogni in Leesburg—she was visiting from Phoenix. Sheri is also an AssistU VA that I was delighted to meet at our next two Community Recognition events in Last Vegas last year, and Minneapolis this year. We had such a great visit and so much in common; our daughters are close in age, our elderly moms are both named Dorothy, we have a passion for what we do for a living, and we were both willing to go out while it was raining cats and dogs to meet each other! Big vugs Sheri!