Integrity cards Part of the process of being organized has been my yes list, clearning, letting go, and keeping my word to myself: my integrity.  I schedule work and personal appointments and tasks on my Outlook calendar, but this system didn’t work for me for personal activities, i.e. exercise, writing, journaling, and other ‘me time’ items.  I’d put them on my calendar and then not do them.

I wanted to implement a fun and inviting system rather than a ‘have to’ or ‘should’ list.  Here’s what I came up with: a variety of business size cards with a graphic and the name of the activity.  Some activities are scheduled for 45 minutes and others for only ten or fifteen minutes.  I schedule the time block into my days/eves on my calendar and before that time block I choose a card from the appropriate bowl.  So I might do the same activity for 45 minutes or three 15 minute activities in that time slot.

My integrity cards:
45 minutes: Journal, Exercise, Write (Screenplay/Novel), Read
15 minutes: Walk outside, Color, Be still, Type, Life Journal

After lunch when I pick read for 45 minutes I’m delighted to take a break in this way and love that my schedule allows for this flexibility.  First thing in the morning I may pick walk outside and then be still for fifteen minutes.  I’m fully participating in my commitment to myself, my health and well-being—and embracing the joy and playfulness in the process!

Cards in bowl

What do you do to keep your word to yourself?