A few months ago I shared a piece of artwork I had created in Photoshop and submitted for publication in Patti Digh’s new book Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative.

This week her fabulous editor, Mary Norris, at Globe Pequot Press informed me that my artwork has been accepted. How exciting! This is a huge affirmation for me because I almost didn’t send them anything. I was trapped in this vision of myself of not being an artist—that because I didn’t have the kind of talent my aunt has, to paint and draw realistic life like images that seem to leap off the canvas or page, I was not an artist in other ways.

I took baby steps towards transforming my self-vision. I was comfortable saying I was creative and affirmed that using Photoshop to manipulate an image was an expression of that creativity. This was a stretch for me as I am not a Photoshop expert—but I combined curiosity, a passion for learning, and the willingness to experiment. I gave myself permission to be creative, to see what possibility was breathed into life!

For me having the whole cake, and eating it too, was in the act of creation and then sharing that creation—the publication piece is icing on the cake. And Brin’s lovely image will be in print in what I’m positive will be a bestselling book!