A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay brings a variety of relationships viividly to life as we follow two French siblings in their forties as they delve into forgotten childhood memories and journey through a maze of secrets of their long dead mother's past. Who was she? How did she really die? A definite page turner! By the author of the beloved novel Sarah's Key (which is now also a major motion picture starring Kirsten Scott Thomas—heart touchingly portrayed).

The Dive From Clausen's Pier is the first Ann Packer novel I've read. I'll be ordering more. Enriched with details of Carrie's life and the tradgey she runs away from, this is moving story about relationships. And this gem from the protagonist's mom about the choices we make resontaed strongly for me, " But it's not very helpful to regard your choices as a series of right or wrong moves. They don't define you as much as you define them."

I often note passages that resonate with me and collect them in a notebook. Makes for interesting reading down the road—I'm able to track my growth and interests on my reading journey. You?

Happy reading booklovers! ♥