I’ve been cleaning and clearing and making space in my life; read what Stacy writes about ‘clearning’. I’m working my way through my procrastination list one item at a time and it has been tremendously satisfying. There’s one item has been on my list for years actually— what to do with my old journals. Since mom moved in I took the crates out of the closet and left them sitting out in the living room so I would see them every day. Now what?
I’ve saved thirty five years of diaries and journals—what do I do with them now? There are a few that I will treasure for ever: my first when I was ten; the one I wrote in 1983 when I met Jeff; the ones I wrote while pregnant and several I wrote for Brin while she was a baby. The others reflect a woman who no longer exists.
I’ve been journaling since I was ten years old, check out this treasure


 Pink Journal Written Diary

A few years ago my writing friend Kathy shared that she had a bon fire celebration and burned all her old journals. Am I brave enough to let them go? Jeff suggested I seal them and bury them for future generations to discover. Once I’m gone I don’t really care who reads them—my secrets will be safe but I guess I feel my life hasn’t been all that exciting that future historians might be interested in my lil’ ole words. 

I borrowed a shredder which is sitting next to the huge stack of books and notebooks, waiting.

Stack of Journals

Do you save your old journals? If so where how do you store them? If you’ve let them go I’d love to hear what action you took and what it was like for you to let them go.
I love writing longhand when I journal, the words and energy flow and I feel creatively connected in a way I don’t while using a keyboard. For those of you who prefer typing and are smart to save electronically for posterity I highly recommend Life Journal. This simple software allows you to write from writing prompts or quotes and save in categories and search for posts. There’s even a daily pulse to track your mood level and a section to record your dreams.


If you’re a longhand journaler please share what journal you use; is it spiral or hardbound? Fancy or plain? Unlined or lined? Where do you buy your favorite blank books? My recent favorites have been on sale at Barnes & Noble the Wire-O from Piccadilly


However you journal I hope you write from your heart and experience exhilarating ah-ha moments and blissful clarity from putting your words on paper.

“These are but wild and whirling words.” ~ William Shakespeare