I don’t want to have a funeral for my mom—her body is being cremated and I’m more comfortable with a memorial service but ultimately I’d prefer to celebrate her life. And ya know as a VA I know this too can be accomplished across distances to make them seem as though they don’t exist. I said to the lovely Antonette while she was here with us, “What do you think of helping me create a virtual celebration of mom’s life? What kinds of things could we invite people to do? “

This idea came to me first because my family and dear friends are spread from Florida to Missouri to Canada and even the Bahamas and last minute travel is expensive and often disruptive. I also wanted to include my extended family of Virtual Assistants at AssistU and other dear friends who have journeyed with us this past year through my blog and Facebook and kept us in their thoughts, prayers, and hearts.

Dotti’s Day (or hour) is Friday, January 14th at 4pm ET. My intention is to create a connectivity that celebrates mom’s life with laughter, gratitude, and joy and I would be honored if you took the time to join us. This is a spiritual celebration so wherever you believe she may be is beautiful; heaven, Universe, or reincarnated—I believe love lasts forever and our soul lives on.

I posted this idea on FB and so far have received an interesting mix of what you can do to celebrate Dotti depending on if you knew her personally or not; light a candle and say a prayer; write her a note on a balloon and set it free; make and eat your favorite treat; paint or create something for her scrapbook; share a funny Dotti story; send a message in a bottle; walk a beach and pick up shells; have a cuppa tea in a beautiful cup; dicker at a flea market or thrift shop and discover a treasure; put on some ole ‘blue eyes’ or Nat King Cole and dance! Do whatever works for you and your schedule and if you can’t do it on the hour take anytime on Friday to wish mom Godspeed.

Happiness, bright blessings, and of course vugs!