Horace Fletcher, a "health food faddist" from the Victorian Era coined the phrase Fletcherism: The practice of eating in small amounts and only when hungry and of chewing one's food thoroughly. 

Fletcher is remembered in the history books as an odd duck, but I’ve taken his practice to heart. Only eat when I’m hungry. Got it. Chew well. Makes me eat slower and enjoy the tastes of my food. Plus I’m able to recognize when I’m no longer hungry and stop eating. This sage advice coupled with nutritious food and an exercise I will practice equals weight loss. Isn’t it interesting how we take such a simple process and make it SO complicated!?

I had to let go of my stories about being overweight, give up any drama attached to them and deal with ‘what is’—just the facts ma’am! I had been doing ABC to gain weight and when I do XYZ I will lose weight. I started to write ‘if’ I do XYZ or ‘I need to do’ XYZ—those words aren’t attached to the facts and results of actions—if and need are buried in my beliefs that it’s wrong and bad to be overweight—that I am not okay overweight. Those words and that perspective will not allow me to feel worthy or capable of manifesting my dream.

But ‘when’ gave me a choice. A choice free from any meaning or significance I’d created around being overweight. ‘When’ I stop those self sabotaging actions and inactions and make NEW choices and actions transformation will happen. Is it hard work? Yes! Does it take dedication? Yes! Determination? Yes! Will it lead to success? Yes!

Are you ready to loose weight? It’s not significant how much. When is right now! Here’s how I know you can do it—because I did it. It is possible. It is a simple formula. The foundation is absolutely, positively, no holds barred, an act of ultimate self care—loving you and taking the first steps towards transformation one well chewed bite at a time! Thanks Horace! 😉

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