I’d been waffling back and forth over watching the movie Food, Inc. Was I ready to watch it and take action, or skip it and keep eating unconsciously?  This was the rub—I wanted to eat responsibly and consciously but I believed it would be too difficult and take me out of my comfort zone. I rationalized that over the past two years I’d made great strides with my nutrition, healthy eating habits, and weight loss; did I really need to tackle another hurdle? My resistance told me yes, I did. My first steps in my past transformations began with awareness and so one month ago I watched the movie—I have not eaten meat since then.


Don’t get me wrong I love a juicy home grilled hamburger, or a rib eye steak still pink in the middle. And crisp bacon or melt in your mouth baby back ribs…Mmmm, Mmmm! I’m not giving up meat because I dislike it but because of what I’m supporting in buying it. What I saw in the film was that our humanity ceases to exist in the face of power and greed. Our inhumanity to the animals that sustain us and to the people that grow these animals, or work in the process, astounded me.


I get that it’s not me personally treating these animals or people inhumanely but if I buy the product then I am accountable for how that product is produced. These faceless conglomerations meet the demand that you and I create. I never before ‘got’ how empowered I am as a consumer. We, as shoppers, hold all the cards and every time we lay our money down at a fast food restaurant or grocery store for meat from these companies we support the current unhealthy system. It’s our choice. 


The good news is that there are healthy options and choices. Choosing organic products and buying meat from local organic farms that raise their animals in a healthy environment are a few possibilities. It will take conscious effort; it may take me out of my comfort zone but I’m committed to doing my part to transform my life and the lives of the victims of this system—both animal and human.


If you’ve watched the 1999 film The Matrix there’s a scene where Morpheus offers Neo a blue pill: go back to life as he knew it; or a red pill: travel further down the rabbit hole. This movie is definitely a red pill—I hope to see you in Wonderland.