I started gung ho with Health Coach Team this month: my goal
to loose these final five pounds, increase my strength and muscle tone. First
week I gained. Second week I lost what I gained. Third week I lost a
half-pound. When I strained my hip I really felt down and I had to take a few
days off from exercise to rest it. So there was no surprise in my fourth week I
found what I’d lost! There is a powerful difference between these two mindsets
of finding and losing instead of releasing—I’m ready to let it go forever!

Here’s what happened: stress. During my weight loss journey
my life was fairly smooth sailing even last year when Jeff was laid off I
didn’t panic, I knew we’d be okay and saw it as an opportunity. When we moved
mom into our home in November I had no idea what it was like to be a full time
caregiver. OMG! I stress over everything, and when I’m not stressing I feel
guilty—there are so many emotions at play in caring for an ailing parent. When
I added the limitations and worry about my hip I hit overwhelm.

Once the stress took over I slid out of my healthy habits
and right back into eating emotionally and starting the vicious cycle of
feeling overwhelmed, sad, tired, depressed and eating to feel better. But I
didn’t feel better I felt worse….so
I’d eat some more and feel lower than low. And then I stopped all my exercise
routines because what’s the point I’m pitiful. You get the picture! 

The key to stopping this cycle? Awareness. I saw what I was
doing and knew what I needed to do. I simply had to decide using stress as an
excuse was no longer serving me. Yes, it let me have a pity party but it didn’t
solve my challenges, it only compounded them! As long as I am looking at my
life from these perspectives: ‘I don’t
deserve this’ ‘It’s not fair’ ‘Poor me,’
then that leads to unhealthy
choices. When I shift into gratitude and how blessed my life is I am empowered
to make choices that support my aliveness and give me the energy to face those
challenges with possibility instead of negativity.

HFL7.2.10  week I have shifted and I feel happy about my choices,
my productivity, and the balance I’ve created between work and play. I’m
content in roles I’ve chosen as wife, mom, daughter, partner, caretaker and
friend. My mantra: I release all stress
in my life along with any excess weight on my body.

Please share any practices you use to manage or avoid stress.
I know I need all the help I can get!