Today, after a week with a miserable cold, I returned to the
world of feeling human. I stopped thinking only of myself and turned my
attention to those in need. My first response to the devastation in Haiti
was to ask myself how I can help. Then I allowed doubt to seep in and chose not
to act, “What difference can I make?”

DSC02952 Today I lit candles and spoke out loud a prayer for the people
of Haiti
both living and dead. I asked the Universe for healing, an end to pain and
suffering, for survivors to find the strength and faith to go on, for
opportunity and possibility to be born from the ashes of tragedy. Those two
flickering candles of hope represent the flame of my love for humanity and my
unwavering belief in our connectedness. This disaster happened to us.

I found five worthy organizations on this blog: Chris Sacca
and donated ten bucks to each one. Thanks Patti for pointing the way.

How I can
make a difference? Inspire you dear reader to take the time to pray; to contribute:
financially, volunteer your time to fundraise, join a local relief group and
brainstorm how you can help.

I do make a difference. So do you.