Love beach I’m looking for a beach house for a special client and
friend of mine. She lives near Atlanta
and wants to create a unique renewing time for herself at the beach—either
coast in FL would work great. Her time frame is between Thanksgiving and
Christmas or in January.

is a life coach and a wise and effective guide for realizing your dreams and
possibilities. She’s willing to exchange her coaching services or her Reconnective Healing technique
in exchange for a beach house or condo for several weeks. She is also willing
to exchange her guestroom over the same time or another time frame at her home
west of Atlanta in the unique community of Pine Lake.

lives a green life: from designing her home to be energy efficient and
environmentally friendly to educating others about green products and choices
for an earth friendly, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. She’s an amazing
life coach and mentor and is interested in creating a connection and relationship
with the right person. Instead of simply renting a location she’s challenged
herself (and me) to create the ideal opportunity of adventure and possibility.

Hope to hear your suggestions or resources. TIA! J