On Sunday I spent two hours on the phone with Karen in San Diego. We’re both living
with and caring for our moms and though our stories and circumstances vary we
have enough common ground to ‘get’ each other. Karen and I met through AssistU
and she was my Virtual Assistant intern for two months in 2008 so we had
already developed a great rapport from working together.


Hands resized My self care was to connect, share, and support myself and Karen.
Sometimes we simply want to be heard. We also teach what we most need to learn and I
offered Karen the gift of ‘don’t take it personally, it’s not about you’ and
that’s what I’ve needed to remind myself this past week. That and to laugh.
Loud, often, and at…whatever!  Thanks K
for being there through the pain and joy and sharing your journey with me.

Who do you talk to for hours?