I’ve been operating Works of Wonder Virtual Assistance for almost six years. Wow!

My practice grew quickly in 2006 and by the end of the year I ended a few non-ideal partnerships and kept my four core clients. I’ve only worked with a few new clients since 2007 and for various reasons we did not continue working together. I’m happy to say only one client relationship ended badly in six years, and as I am not the only VA to have had challenges with this client, I think my track record, though small, has been positive.

In 2008/2009 I responded to potential clients and even conducted a few interviews but my standards were extremely high—I only wanted ideal clients, not perfect but as good of a fit and match as I already have with my current clients. I didn’t find them during those interviews but trusted we would connect when the time was right. Little did I know the time was not right in 2009. In 2010 I reduced my practice again due to my care taking responsibilities and stopped actively marketing my business. I didn’t know until later that it was as smart a move as it was. In hindsight the ‘people-pleaser-me’ would have said yes to another non-ideal client during my care taker period ultimately ending unhappily for everyone involved—me, the client, and my family. Listening to my wise self was, well…wise.

I’ve been taking stock for 2011: checking bearings for my true north and revisiting my ideal client profile. I essentially have two clients with one in the wings. After six years I’m ready to market my biz anew. I’m excited to experience some of the technology that makes online marketing a win-win for everyone. Enter Lisa at Call That Girl.  Not only has Lisa been a tremendous resource for my practice with computer support, she is a LinkedIn wizard! What fascinates me about LinkedIn are the connections and serendipities that seem to abound by simply and authentically reaching out to people.

Index Lisa is a self taught LinkedIn expert and focused on growing her local computer support business into virtual support via the Internet. She became the largest LinkedIn member in Minnesota with 3500 plus connections: LinkedMinnesota and added 350 clients to her computer support business via LinkedIn  http://www.linkedin.com/in/callthatgirl. Wow!

We are collaborating and sharing our expertise to create LinkedIn VA a webinar created specifically for VAs to become efficient and effective at using LinkedIn! Expertise with LinkedIn will help VAs grow their businesses and add a viable and sought after skill set to use on behalf of current and potential clients.

I’m excited to see what information, directions, and insights Lisa will share and am ready to implement it and get WOWVA growing! She’s offering a discount for AssistU members, read all the deets at LinkedIn VA; I look forward to connecting with you!

PS ~ All attendees will receive a copy of Lisa's book, "Call That Girl's Guide to Social Media" chock full of tips and tricks with using LinkedIn for email marketing, blogging and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Value of this ebook is $20!