I’m celebrating with pizzazz and gusto because my husband and daughter both joined
Weight Watchers this month! Woohoo! They’ve each lost five pounds! They are
tracking points, portions, and activity. Jeff and I are biking everywhere now
that fall weather is here. Brin found a recipe online for ‘not lasagna’ and
cooked for us Thursday night! It was dee—lish! I am beyond thrilled we’re all
on the same page about our health and fitness. To the moon and back! For the
first time in years we’re doing this together,
being supportive, and encouraging each other to keep taking that next step.

Jeff didn’t loose this week and I shared with him not to get
fixated on the numbers Scale or the scale. Look beyond the scale. Consider if your clothes are looser; do
you have more energy; are you sleeping well? These are all indicators of your
health and fitness success not just the scale.

You know when you’ve gone off track and the scale
stayed the same. Don’t beat yourself up—that’s your old pattern. Recommit and
take a new action. But if you’ve done the plan the way its intended and the
scale didn’t move—don’t fixate. Trust that you’re on the right path and keep
going. It will move. Getting past stuck for me was often as simple as adding a
little intensity on the Elliptical or an extra five minutes; pedaling in a higher
gear on a bike ride; raising the incline on the treadmill a degree or so. These
seemingly small actions propel you forward out of ‘stuck’ and into the powerful
place of possibility.

I’d love to hear how you handle the ups and downs of the
scale and get yourself back on track.