My dear friend Antonette called me the glue that stuck everyone together last week in Maryland when we met to celebrate the lovely Lee's birthday, earlier in the week, and mine which would be in a few days. I kinda like being thought of as gooey-pasty-sticky-stuff between friends; as odd as that might sound. 

The gift of the gathering was plenty of gift for me but the way that my friends celebrated me with representations of their love with things that I adore: books, journal, notepads, movie gift certificates (and later a book gift certificate from a friend not at this special dinner)? Oh, they may as well have given me the moon!

Is it possible to be overwhelmed (in a good way) by gottenness? Is that even a word (Dawn)?  The women (and men, Dom!) that were present at this celebration and in my life today celebrated the real me—my authentic loving unique self, and I was swept away. This buyount cloud carried me through my b'day when the next outpouring of love, shared on my Facebook wall, engulfed me…being loved and celebrated out loud is a big deal. And I want each of you to know I recognize that and love you immensely for loving me the way you do. And in the over-Karaoked-lyrics of REO Speedwagon: "I'm gonna keep on lovin' you cuz it's the only thing I wanna do…"

All my love my friends, ~your gooey-pasty-sticky-laura-laura.