My virtual assistant community AssistU recently asked this fun question in their monthly survey: what do you do for lunch time in your business There were interesting options like: too busy I skip it or eat at my desk, to go for a walk or other exercise.

Since becoming my moms caretaker a year ago I’ve reestablished the importance of self care in my life, often it’s the first thing to go when life gets challenging and yet the most important thing to keep in place when life gets challenging.

Before my mom and husband were home with me all day my lunchtimes were a mix of a yummy nutritious meal eaten away from my desk, often followed by a walk outside and then a good long read with a current novel. Those types of self care don’t really work for me in the middle of the day anymore. But I have learned a huge success secret to being a longtime caregiver: ask for help and accept it graciously.

I shared in the lunchtime survey that I let my dear hubby know that one of the ways he could help me would be to make my lunch. I always make mom’s meal first and then mine and sometimes I don’t take the time to make the best choice for me because I’m over hungry or rushing to get back to my desk or get us out the door.

Dear hubby that he is he has embraced this request even though he already cooks dinner for us most nights–he’s a much better cook than I am. He makes me a delicious salad each day and doesn’t even comment (much) on my eccentricities and preferences of pretty plate and particular fork. These small acts of love and support add up to a huge equation in my book: he’s there for me and I am incredibly grateful. A picture’s worth a thousand words so here’s the lunch Jeff made for me last week:

Lunch Love