I have followed Patti Digh’s blog and Tweets since I discovered Life as a Verb and gave copies of the book to our maven and CVO and her right hand and COO at AssistU's Community recognition Awards in 2008.

When I missed Patti at a book signing a few hours away from me in Florida she responded via Twitter! I was able to order personalized signed copies as Christmas gifts directly from her. Patti rocks!

I have dabbled in photography and desktop publishing over the years and consider myself a creative person but not a visual artist. Yet when Patti announced the opportunity to create artwork for her upcoming book Creative is a Verb I didn’t hesitate to volunteer.

In the meantime a side project was conceived from a Twitter post she wrote that folks loved and Four-Word Self-Help will be birthed this fall. Patti needed art fast and her devotees produced—fast. My prompt was, “Give up toxic people.”

I decided I would stretch myself and trust my creative urges. I gave myself one day to find and edit the perfect photo and here’s my contribution! My experience was fresh, fun, funky, & fabulous! Yes, this is my head in  a bookcase (don't ask!) with some cool Adobe effects added.

What art lives inside you?