My one complaint about my lovely purple Vaio is the volume is too low even at max. I use my earbuds from my iPod when I want to listen, but sometimes I want to share a video or sound byte. I stumbled upon a mini speaker at my local Staples made by Omnitech it was on sale for six bucks so I decided it was a safe bet. And here's the clincher—it's PURPLE!


The Omnitech Mini Pod Speaker or hamburger speaker actually pops open and has acorrdian sides to give it more bass. The sound is incredible! Six bucks—how do they do that? It also has a USB cord to recharge the little sucker—no kidding! I went back to Staples to get more for stocking stuffers but they were sold out. Works great with my iPod, too. Omnitech gets a big thumbs up for their little invention.