Today’s self care: counting my blessings, asking for

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law almost lost their
youngest son in an auto accident about five years
ago. He was driving alone and lost consciousness hit a tree with his truck and
then went through a side window and hit a tree with his head. It was a close
call. Zack is a fighter and he had his family—a large, stubborn, loving family
to help him through his crisis.

He endured several dangerous surgeries, severe scarring on
his face, lost vision in one eye and the other eye was damaged but saved. He
rallied and was living life fully when…

Last week Zack had an accident on a four-wheeler and was
hospitalized at Shands at the University of Florida for Traumatic
Brain Injury (TBI). He’s in the ICU and once again it’s a close call; he’s been
in an induced coma to protect him from the swelling on his brain. Today he
opened his eyes responded with a thumbs up and winked at his Dad in response to
questions. These are all miraculous signs! Go Zack! (Thanks to for their wonderful website that helps us all keep in touch.)

I forget how fragile we are, what a gossamer thread our
lifeline is made of. Life can change in an instant and when it does we always
return to love—to the people we love, the relationships that are essential to
our happiness and well-being. Tragedy makes us live in the moment and puts our
lives in perspective. Love is always present; we’re simply not always present
to love.

I send you and your loved ones blessings of safety and
well-being. I ask you to say a prayer, or send healing vibrations, or chat with
the Universe on Zack’s behalf, and for the Jones family to have him back whole
and happy—their miracle in progress. We love you Zack!