Jeff researched the best hat to wear while fishing about fifteen years ago. He chose a Tilley Endurables hat and it has been his best pal on many adventures and misadventures. We even have a photo of it taken underwater in the Bahamas where it was tied to the anchor and trying to float. Yes, Tilley hats float. 😉

The owner's manual is quite humorous and written by Alex Tilley himself, here are a few excerpts:

The wind cord is like a seatbelt: Useless Unless Worn.

From time to time you’ll meet rather wonderful people, simply because they’re also wearing the Hat. Some may become friends, and that’s the nicest thing of all.

Hold onto your hat! Here's the insurance policy that comes with specific models of Tilley hats:

If your (unbleached) Tilley Hat ever wears out…we’ll replace it free.

Ever? Seriously? We tested their promise by sending his old friend in for a new one, including $7.50 for shipping and a request to return the original hat.


Below is Jeff's newest buddy! Awesome customer service that. Absolute customer loyalty. Brilliant.