At the end of the year this is what my 'love' bulletin board looks like; filled with cards and notes for celebrations, thankyous, my b’day, or just because a loved one wanted to say I love you. I collect them ALL—every little scribble. I keep them out where they are a daily reminder of how much I am loved, how much others believe in me. When I’m feeling low this board lights me up and renews my spirit.

DSC03627Yes, I realize Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated as romantic love but how about as SARK wrote in a Valentine’s email message I received today: Happy Valentines Day (aka Happy Self-Love Opportunity).

She went on to share: We can make a bold choice to "romance" our deepest selves with the gift of creativity.  When you respond to life creatively, you give yourself gifts daily that delight and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

DSC03628 My love board is actually a work of art and some may find it visually overwhelming and in that case start small. When I take all the notes, quotes, cards, and pix down in January (this year it was February!) I save them in a scrapbook. I insert them with no particular order—my pen pal’s love drawings are right next to my client’s thank you notes.  (That beautiful smiling face in the foreground is my penpal Monique!) It’s a jumble of love preserved for those moments when I’m not feeling lovable or brilliant or simply wallowing in that ‘human bean’ state of not quite good enough.

Those who love me and share that love teach me how to see myself through their eyes and envision a laura, laura allen that loves herself wholly and completely without hesitation. Thank you my loved ones—truly.

What’s your version of a love board? How do you receive the gift of a glowing compliment or appreciation for your being? I hope instead of needing to feel humble or wave the compliment aside you’re able to embrace it (and the giver, too) and shine a little brighter. The world needs your glow.