Day 37 of VerbTribe asked us, What commitments will you make to yourself about writing? Create a list of three commitments (no more) that you will make to yourself.

I commit to showing up daily to the page. I commit to opening my heart allowing it to flow. I commit to seeing more, looking three times, popping open my third eye and sense of wonder. I commit to letting go fully and standing with arms wide open ready to receive. I commit to embracing every ending as the new beginning it is reborn as. I commit to living gratefully for the abundance I am blessed to have. I commit to embracing those ‘shitty first giraffes’! I commit to laughing until ‘tears roll down my legs’. I commit to being still and hearing my wise voice within. I commit to living out loud so my stories will ‘reverberate off the red cliff walls’. I commit to leaping off dramatic edges; beyond slinky shadows; over impassable mountains; into a net of faith—every time.

My three:
Show up.
Let go.