Belonging to the AssistU
Assistu_logo_blue_sm Community keeps me connected to a group of amazing like minded women and men who love to learn and grow personally and professionally. Within our community we have many special interest groups and monthly group calls; Chapter meetings, Town Meeting, an Alumni call as well as new student calls. We’re all about support!

One of the programs an AU Virtual Training Program graduate can participate in is an Internship Program for eight weeks. They volunteer to partner with a senior AU VA and act as her VA. This is hands on training in a safe environment where the intern will see exactly how the senior VA runs her business from the inside out; how she manages her time, builds relationships with her clients, what tools she uses to collaborate. And so much more!

I’ve had the privilege to work with sixteen interns over the past four years and a half years! I appreciate everything they do for me and they remind me what it’s like to be a client and see our relationship from the flip side. Their enthusiasm is contagious; they keep me motivated and accountable. It’s my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. 

I’d like to introduce my recent intern: Cyndi Perron
Logo-Cyndi_Perron-261KB of Shared Forces and thank her for her friendly, helpful, knowledgeable support. Cyndi and I were able to meet for lunch as she only lives a couple hours away, before our partnership started and that cemented the start of a great relationship. If you’re searching for a VA Cyndi’s enthusiasm, can-do attitude, and friendly easy going personality will be an asset to your biz!

My new intern
SMARTVA_Logo_final copy is a friend of my aunt’s in Oakville, Canada. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting Beatrice Ten-Thye but have joined her on so many AssistU calls I feel like we’re already fast friends. Beatrice and her classmates are recent VTP grads and she has opened the virtual doors of SMART VA. Beatrice’s warmth, caring, and passion for doing work she loves is apparent as soon as she begins talking. Her authentic efficient work style is the SMART answer to an entrepreneurs question: How do I get it all done?