My dear friend’s twenty-year-old daughter was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Leukemia is a scary word in a sentence combined with any adult name. But when it’s describing a condition for your daughter, your only child, your baby? I can’t imagine. I only know this is not your normal family (is any family?) and so fear may not have been the immediate response. This family has a relationship coach/mom/wife and these family members are uniquely, deeply, and authentically connected. It’s a beautiful thing.

Specialists have been contacted, travel arranged, priorities and commitments shifted and rescheduled, and family, friends and loved ones gently given the news. My first action upon receiving this news was God box to write Marina’s name on a slip of paper and tuck it in my 'God box’. At 9am each morning for one minute I hold her name in my hands, her image in my heart, and open to the Universe while I visualize healing light and love flowing to her.

My next action was to ask my amazing virtual community for prayers, energy, healing thoughts…and love on her behalf. And I ask again here in this post if you’ll pause for a moment each day and think of this lovely young woman healed and whole and vibrant. On the wings of love anything is possible.

My deepest appreciation and blessings to you.