I’ve been using Microsoft One Note for the past year or so and limping along with organizing the information on the pages. I loved it I simply didn’t know what to DO with it. Recently I’ve actually taken the time to watch a few video tutorials for OneNote and have learned handy tips and tricks. I’m a One Note junky now!

Picture a three ring binder. Now add tabs for your clients and your own biz plus personal areas of your life where you volunteer, your kids’ homeschooling information—the applications are endless. The tabs in ON are across the top of the page and every tab can have pages and sub pages just like adding pages to a three ring binder.

I strive to be paperless in my biz and have weaned myself from taking paper notes. I use ON to take notes during client calls, I use ON in place of sticky notes as a reminder or quick add item to do list. Believe it or not there is no ‘save’ button, one you add something to a page it’s in there. You can switch between tabs and pages and never have to remember to save anything, even when you exit.

I use Outlook so I am able to send tasks to OL from ON or I can send emails from OL to ON. Another feature I discovered is to ‘clip’ a portion of my screen and send the image to ON. I can then copy and paste the image anywhere, ta-da:


One note

 This may seem like such a small tool but it has HUGE applications and I am probably waaaay too excited to discover this feature but I’m kinda nerdy that way. Here are the tutorials I’ve found most useful:


MS Office

Are you an OneNote nut—I mean user? If so I hope you’ll share your favorite tip or tutorial with us. If you’re new to OneNote and decide to give it a go let us know what you think. Happy note taking!