I thrive on new opportunities and learning new things. So when
two of my previous clients asked me if I’d like to be a part of a creative blog
they wanted to build in WordPress I had two words to share—absolutely YES! Not
only was this an opportunity to continue working with and stay connected to two
of my favorite clients and friends but I would learn WordPress hands on and add
another technology to my ever-growing toolbox. What fun!

We missed our unveiling deadline by a smidgen but we were
flexible and acknowledge that it is a work in progress. We’ve had a couple of
conference calls, sent a gazillion IMs and emails, and brainstormed and sometimes
schlepped our way through to answers. Our vision was to share our three views
in a visual blog with links to our personal journaling pages where we can expand
on our topic and share in more detail.

Honoré, Kathy, and I invite you to stop and smell the virtual flowers, sip a cup of virtual tea, and browse through Our TriVista and enjoy! I
wish all client endings could create the possibility of amazing new beginnings like
this one—here’s to partnership!