When you know you need to let go how do you loosen your grip
and move on? I was clueless and so I hung on even tighter. My one little word for this year is ‘release’ so it’s no surprise
that this huge clearning lesson came to me when it did.

I’ve been AssistU’s Admissions Director for just over four years—the
entire time I’ve been a VA. From the beginning I’ve thought of AssistU as one of my clients
but it actually is a virtual staff position which has made me feel a
vital part of the heart of this amazing company. Stacy and Dawn have, over five years,
been my role models, mentors, coaches, and teachers. These wise, wise women
have deeply touched and impacted my life both professionally and personally and
I am blessed to have had their guidance.

My role as Admissions Director was a way to give back to the
company, community, potentials VAs, and especially to Stacy and Dawn for all
that I’ve received from being lovingly embraced by this community and the
people that make it the unique and inspiring place it is. I am forever grateful
for Stacy’s and Dawn’s belief and confidence in me to represent AssistU. I am
even more grateful for their love, friendship, and unwavering support over the
years—they taught me to live my best life and to be true to myself.

By the fall of 2009 I knew that I was ready to move on from this
position; I just didn’t know where or how to get there. And when you love the people you
work with how do you say I’m ready for something new? In September 2009 I was astounded
(and honored) to be awarded AU Staff Member of the Year and felt the timing was completely
inappropriate for me to step down—and so I waited.

Life happened. I was juggling too many balls between my
personal and professional lives, I was out of balance and overwhelmed. Instead
of speaking up I dropped several balls. When it becomes apparent to others that
something is wrong it is way past time to let go. I learned that authenticity and
listening to my wise self are always the right courses of action. Yes, letting
go is hard. Damn hard. But I only made it harder for everyone by not sharing my doubts and
struggles and taking action before the balls dropped.

And so the difficult conversation was had, tears were shed,
virtual hugs were shared, and much, much love and appreciation was expressed.
This is a huge clearning opportunity for me and yes some days the chasm gapes
and I reel back with dread, but mostly I look and see a vista of possibilities
spread before me and stride forward with gusto.

AssistU’s new Admissions director received three community
recognition awards for 2009, including VA of the Year and is highly respected
and cherished within our community for her grace, humor, and kindness. She’s
also a VA I've had the opportunity to meet and felt connected to instantly and
have loved getting to know her!

Sandra I am thrilled and honored to spend a whirlwind three
weeks in training with you! Your dedication and devotion to AssistU are apparent
the moment you begin sharing your experiences within the community or creating
your own VA practice. Your presence in the admissions process will breathe new
life and vitality into the VTP applicants’ experiences. Thank you for your courage
and faith in stepping up and taking on this challenge!

I’ve pried my fingers loose of the white knuckled death grip I had on this
position; I see exciting new  possibilities for creating marketing and media
exposure for AssistU and my practice that I didn’t have time for previously. I
feel buoyed by my contribution to AssistU and am more inspired than ever to
share my experience with others.

Thanks to AssistU, I’ve manifested a business
that enhances my life instead of being a struggle; that gives me the
opportunity to do work I love and excel at; a business that empowers me to live
my highest life and highest good and make a difference in people’s lives. My
hands and arms are flung wide open and I’m ready to inspire others to put their
dreams into action!