What my clients say…

“I’ve worked with Laura Allen for over five years now and she is ESSENTIAL for my business success and my sanity. I trust her absolutely to get stuff done, resolve complex issues with Infusionsoft, call and speak with my clients, research new technology, create reports, format documents, check email and solve problems when I’m traveling … in short, she’s my right-hand person every day and I couldn’t imagine my business without her.

Partnering with Laura was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in the 17 years I’ve worked for myself. I can’t recommend her too highly. She’s the BEST!”

~Kevin Donlin
Marketing Strategist + Copywriter
Client Cloning Systems

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Laura in a couple of ways. As the Admissions Director for AssistU, I find her to be a loving presence when interacting with our applicants, while absolutely holding to our standards. She gets everything handled that she’s agreed to, and on time–every time…and that includes some special requests I’ve made to help me process things on my end of the admissions process. She’s always delightfully smiling, even when something changes, and I love her can-do attitude.

As the coordinator for the ’08 AssistU Community Recognition Awards which were held in Las Vegas, again, she was always cheerful and super willing to do whatever needed to be done to assure the success of our event. She handled everything–from finding a place for our award ceremony, to collecting fees, to communicating with our community, to making group meal reservations, to building the blog we used to communicate with participants, to enquiring about a bill I didn’t think was quite fair and arranging an equitable solution. Quite literally, she handled it all, and the event was absolutely perfect.

Laura’s absolutely the person to work with if you want a caring, competent, committed, and cheerful partner for your business’ success. I simply can’t say enough good things about her. Some things (and people like Laura) have to be experienced to really be understood and appreciated.”

~Anastacia Brice
AssistU Founder and CVO
Coach & Retreat Leader

“The day I “met” Laura Allen was surely a landmark in my history. In the same way that many important events tend to happen, it was through a confluence of “coincidences” that we discovered each other, and our oddly similar backgrounds. Who could imagine a homeschooling mom (like me) aspiring writer (me again), who inhales books faster than I do, who lives from a mindset of “Yes! I can do that!” and then gets to work figuring out how she can do this thing she’s never done before? (That’s definitely me!)

When I decided it was time for a VA, I composed a happy little list describing “my ideal assistant” with things like “attention to details, pleasant phone manner” etc. It never occurred to me to want someone who chooses to live debt-free (as I do).

These serendipitous elements are now a part of what helps us collaborate easily, and in fact Laura is such a Renaissance Woman that your list of shared qualities is likely to be totally different from mine. Just know this: you have found a rare gem here, and if you resonate with her vibe on these pages, trust that gut instinct and check it out.”

~Sharon Day
for evolutionary living

“Our groups of students come to us for an experience, and Laura makes them feel at home by creating a comfortable environment (wiki, tutorials, and the way she interacts with them).  She’s also often called upon to do some creative problem solving that minimizes drama and helps everyone’s sojourn be pleasant, regardless of what they were expecting.”

~Gail Griffith, LATI Coordinator

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