Booklovers, have you ever started reading a book with a story or characters that resonate so deeply you don’t want to read it too fast? For me Erin Morgenstern has done exactly that with The Night Circus.

NightCircus.final_.2.small_What’s it about you may wonder? Hmmm, I’d say. Then I’d have to pause and think for a minute because it’s an unusual story steeped in magic and quirky characters and ultimately a circus that is only open at night and filled with impossible delights. There’s a mysterious challenge between opponents who are not aware of each other’s identity. All wrapped in a velvet cloak of a love story. It’s a black and white striped world filled with explosions of vivid color and life.

I’m savoring The Night Circus a couple short chapters at a time, it’s lasted me two weeks so far! I’ll let you know if I’m as enamored with the ending as I am of the beginning.Intrigued? I hope so!